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About me

I am a Registered Psychologist

Which means I have studied the brain, memory, learning, human development, the way people feel, think, act and interact. My aim, through counselling, is to reduce distress and to enhance and promote wellbeing.  I can assist you with difficult emotions, thinking and behaviour or help with problems you might have at work, home or school.  Like all psychologists, I am registered with the national registration board, the Psychology Board of Australia, in the same way doctors must be registered. This means that we must do our job well and follow strict rules as a professional. 

But before Psychology...

I worked as a Youth Worker and Health Project Coordinator for a not-for-profit organisation in the CBD.  This was an exciting and challenging role and I found my passion for working with children, young people and families. I loved my job and it had a huge impact on me as a developing professional. It helped me to become creative and flexibile and to understand the importance of taking the time to build a relationship with the young people I work with.  It was also loads of fun!  Which is very important BTW. ​

Becoming a Psychologist...

I started my tertiary studies to become a Psychologist at QUT in 2009.  The journey was finally complete when I graduated with a Masters of Educational and Developmental Psychology in 2016.  While studying, I continued working as a Youth Worker and held a number of different roles including Student Counsellor, Research Officer and Project Coordinator.  I also completed prac placements in schools, private practice and the University health clinic.  All that study wasn't exactly loads of fun but I gained a whole lot of nerdy knowledge...  and cool practical experience to add to my toolkit. Which is awesome because my goal is to help people move closer to their goals, and greater wellbeing.  Bonus! 

And then...

I have been employed as a Guidance Counsellor in primary and secondary schools across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Putting all of my experiences into practice at work (and at home, sorry fam) is greatly rewarding and I love the continual learning of being a Psychologist.  I especially love the energy and curiosity of children and young people but I also get a real buzz from working with adults and families!  

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